My Work

When I dragged my mom to the Foodtown in Fort Lee, NJ at the age of 8 in search of tahini and chickpeas so I could make hummus at home, little did I know that for most of the last 25+ years, I would have spent a majority of my time cooking, serving, creating and talking about food.  Over these years, my interest and my values have shifted from mostly gustatory to that of how our food affects our well being as individuals, a society and a planet.    I have been fortunate to work with some of the most amazing people in the widest range of areas as a business partner, collaborator, contributor and supporter.  

My interest in food has brought me to some wild places and experiences and it also has taught me a range of skills which I never envisioned when I took my first job at 16 delivering barbecued chicken all throughout Bergen County, NJ.   What was inside of  me back then and probably even earlier, was a work ethic, ambition and a curiosity that chose as its channel of expression, food and hospitality.  And, over the past 30 years, I have found many new channels of expression for those same qualities.  

Now, I am often advising, creating and collaborating with organizations, businesses and humans to improve the lives of others and the planet.   More about my work can be found here.  And below are some of my opinions on things entrepreneurial and food.