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Sleep Training 101

Dads, Sleep is essential to all of us.  Without it we get cranky, sick, and we can’t think straight.  No amount of coffee or pure will can get you through yet another day of waking up 3 to 4 times a night to soothe a newborn.  And, for the first month or so, the adrenaline, […]

Expectations vs. Reality

Weeks before my daughter was to be born, my brother mentioned to me the piece of advice which stood out the most from what the hospital staff told him  “Don’t shake the baby”.   Like any obvious piece of advice, I laughed, nodded my head and said “of course, don’t shake the baby”  Who would […]

My Favorite Part of the Day

During dinner time, we have gotten into the habit of asking each other “What was your favorite part of our day?”  We go around the table, typically someone starts off and mentions something we did together or something that brought a lot of joy.  Then someone asks our son, who doesn’t speak yet, and someone […]


For years, when I read about forgiveness in books, all well meaning and intentioned books, I never could get comfortable with it all.  It seemed like a very irresolute process.  Everything I read suggested a process along the lines of acknowledging the wrongdoing or injustice as wrong but almost forgetting that it even happened.   […]

Yoga for middle aged stiff guys

I have always loved a good stretch, especially on the tail end of a great massage.  So naturally, doing yoga would also feel good, so I thought.   The number of times I have stopped and started with practicing yoga has been too many to count.  Mostly I stop.  When I thought about why, I […]

Dimming their lights

Satya went into labor around three o’clock in the afternoon and continually labored throughout the evening to a point where, as many first time parents feel, you start to question “Is this baby ever going to come?”  So around 10 pm when there were very long intervals between contractions and the rain started to pour […]

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